About Us

Nancy Pantone has over 20 years of wireless and embedded computing product marketing experience with proven expertise in:

• Product management and marketing
• Product launch/promotion
• Category creation
• Positioning and messaging
• Brand development
• Partner programs

Nancy has an MBA from the University of Connecticut and an undergraduate degree in Marketing from Loyola University of Chicago.

John M. Pantone

John has played an active role in the development of Object Oriented Technology, and has contributed to the development of Object Oriented Analysis & Design Notation and Methodologies (OMT and UML), Object Oriented programming languages, commercial database management systems and Object Oriented Analysis and Design Tools. Additionally, John has provided training and mentoring in the related subjects of XML and Service Oriented Architecture.

As co-founder of Objectech (in 1988), John has provided professional services, consultation and training to many organizations and individuals. In addition to developing the very successful OOPS is no Mistake!® seminar series, John has spoken at seminars and conferences throughout the world, including OOPSLA, the Borland International Developers Conference, COMPCON and meetings of the ACM, ASM, IEEE and AIIE.

John is an instructor at UCSD Extension, Department of Information Technology and, in 1997, was awarded Outstanding Instructor, and was the featured speaker at the 1997 Extension Commencement Ceremony.

John is an author and instructor for ASPE, Inc. which provides technology instruction through international onsite delivery, as well as live, instructor-led online options.


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