John M. Pantone

Objectech 1988-present
Co-founder/Vice President As technical/product development manager of Objectech, John is responsible for consulting activities, training, seminars and object oriented software products. John offers consulting, training and mentoring on a variety subjects, including, OOAD, Enterprise Architecture, XML, and Software Architecture. John has developed system programming techniques including error handlers, resource management systems and database internals that have significantly enhanced many commercial software products.

From project design to user interfaces and implementation, his knowledge and experience have helped clients shorten the time required to complete a project. John has assisted many companies, in widely diverse industries, with application development; including:

Database Management Systems, Accounting and Tax Preparation, Electronic Component Manufacturers, Automobile Collision Estimation Service, Automated Language Translation Service, Computer Aided Design, Industrial Robotics, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Biotechnology, International Trade Finance

John conducts training classes in Object Oriented Analysis and Design, UML, XML and Service Oriented Architectures / Web Services. He hosts seminars throughout the U.S. on various aspects of computer technology. John designed and produced the object-oriented technology seminar series “OOPS is No Mistake!”®.

UCSD 1994-present

Instructor, “”>UCSD Extension, Department of Computing and Networking Technologies, (University of California, San Diego) – Teaches courses in Object Oriented Analysis and Design, XML, Service Oriented Architectures, Service Oriented Development of Applications, Java Programming, and C++ Programming. Participates as member of curriculum committee for various professional certificate programs – including the certificate in object oriented technology, programming (Java and C++), and web services. Presents seminars in computer science.

Awarded Outstanding Instructor 1997, 2004

Featured Speaker for the 1997 Annual Recognition Ceremony

ASPE Technology 2007-present

Instructor / Course Director, “”>ASPE

John develops courseware and instructs for ASPE Technology, an IT training firm providing training and consulting on all aspects of software and IT infrastructure topics. With ASPE, John provides both a complete US public course schedule and a highly regarded customized on-site training practice.

GE Calma 1986 – 1988

Software Design Engineer, Modeling & New Technologies Group, Staff Consultant – DBMS and Object-oriented Programming Systems. Developed a data management strategy for Calma products; including the specification and design of an Object-oriented Database Management System. Researched and designed an error and exception handling mechanism for an Object-oriented Programming System developed by GE’s Corporate Research and Development Labs. Conducted research on Object-based programming and database technology in conjunction with GE Corporate Research and Development (OMT/Rumbaugh). Project leader for group’s participation in USAF’s Engineering Information System research project bid.

Dun & Bradstreet Computing Services – 1974 – 1986
Senior Systems Programmer / Project Manager / Technical Manager – Designed and implemented system internals for PC NOMAD an IBM/PC based DBMS. Managed project in conjunction with AMEX and Bache to produce CSS/Quotes+, a massive database of daily quotations for all stocks, bonds and options traded in the United States. Developed software engineering standards and practices for PC software development group. Attended original IBM training prior to the first release of the IBM-PC (in Boca Raton). Supported microprocessor cross assembler systems, in-circuit emulators and digital electronics design software. Managed Chicago branch office — sales support and customer support of programming systems (commercial timesharing system’s

American District Telegraph Co. 1972 – 1974
Research Associate, Programmer/Analyst, Applications

Representative Consulting Clients

Xerox Corporation Nokia Qualcomm
General Atomics Open Systems Technologies, Inc. BAE
Intuit, Inc. Proxima, Inc. Orincon Corporation
Continuus CUBIC and CTS TRW
Arthur Andersen Pyxis Raytheon Systems
Applied Digital Access First American CREDCO Plant Equipment

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